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I will conclude with some scriptures that I believe wrap it all up…

Act 2: 42 (ESV) “And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers“.

2 Timothy 3: 16- 17 (ESV) “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work”.

Psalm 119: 11 (ESV) “I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you”.

Rom 12:2 (ESV) “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect”.

Finally brethren let me tell you this. You have to want a change so bad that you sacrifice everything to be with Him. Forget the pleasures of this world they are temporary and will never give you that fulfillment you desire. I know this too well because there is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful to God I made the decision to follow Him and I am still making that decision in every action I take and every decision whether big or small, everyday. God wants to be involved in everything that concerns you from brushing your teeth, to getting married, to where you choose to work, to what you wear, to how you talk. Everything is Gods business. So give Him that chance to show you He really wants the best and knows the best for you.

Recommended Books:

The Purpose Driven Life- Rick Warren

How You Can Be Led by the Spirit of God- Kenneth .E. Hagin

The Spirit Upon and The Spirit Within- Kenneth .E. Hagin

Love The Way to Victory- Kenneth .E. Hagin

My Love Language is God- Part 2


How then do we develop our relationship with God?

  1. Like Mrs Laju Iren said, we need to have an understanding that it is firstly  NOT by our own power and might that we build our relationship with God. (but our commitment to doing is priceless and is most important on our own part).
  2. We must pray: ask God for the grace to do His will. Even if it is just 1 minute don’t worry from 1 minute it will increase to 5, 10, 25 minutes and then you become one that cannot do without hours in personal time with God.

——–“little drops of water, make a mighty ocean”——-

  1. Word study: “I love you so much and I will do anything for you because I’m crazy over you. I would come see you everyday just to get to know you more and show you how serious I am”.  Dedicate that energy to someone who would actually pay your efforts with good success and your love given will more than be repaid, it will be returned a billion times over. You cant know God if you don’t take time out to read about Him and get to know what He loves.
  2. Talk to Him: talk to God like you would talk to a friend. I do it a lot and I can tell you He hears me. Tell Him what gives you concern, talk to Him about the people that hurt you, tell Him how you have issues in behavior and character and you want him to help you change it.


I lost my keys one day and I was taking a walk and this is what I had to say “God I cant find my keys and I really need them because I need to open my lockers. God please help me find my keys. Thank you Lord. Amen”.

  1. Commitment: you have to be committed to doing what you learn from the word of God. Yes it’s not by your power that you are saved or even remain saved and of course bask in the bliss of being a child of God; but it is very important for us to be committed in building this relationship. The commitments like it were to the guy you love or the lady you truly cherish. Don’t wait for someone to encourage you to seek to know God more. Be your own driver and see what the Holy Ghost will do with you. Love is sacrifice
  2. Look to get a spiritual parent, a mentor if you will, get someone that will be willing to help you through your journey. Experience is the best teacher; what may have taken your mentor 10 years, you could achieve in 10 months with commitment and dedication.
  3. Read books: yes it is of utmost importance to study your bible and it is also important to get materials specific to topics you wish to understand even deeper. That’s why we have ministers who write on specific issues like; health, kingdom wealth, soul winning, the Spirit of God, Gifts of the Spirit, how to develop your relationship with God etc. At the end of this post I will recommend some books to you. that aided in my growth and I believe will help you too. Readers are leaders”
  4. Commune with the brethren: when you fellowship with the brethren you get to know more. I will just leave this one to scriptures to explain better:

Acts 15: 36 “And some days after Paul said unto Barnabas, Let us go again and visit our brethren in every city where we have preached the word of the Lord, and see how they do”.

Col 3:16″Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord”.

James 5:16 “Confess to one another therefore your faults (your slips, your false steps, your offenses, your sins) and pray [also] for one another, that you may be healed and restored [to a spiritual tone of mind and heart]. The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working]”. (AMPLIFIED VERSION)

Heb 10:24 “And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:”

So we see in these scriptures how important it is for us to  fellowship with brethren ( going to church, house fellowship, casual meetings with right company of friends etc.)



There’s no point carrying all that baggage on the inside. It only makes you feel bad and destroys your self esteem.

Yes, you are in love with her but she doesn’t feel the same way, so you are angry, hurt and hot on your insides

He took your flower and you blame him for the emptiness and the exposure you feel. Yes he was wrong but you let him through.

Your mom left when you were just a baby and your dad abused you. You aren’t the only one, you need to move on. As a wise man would say “your background is not the reason why your back is on the ground”- Bishop David Oyedepo

You are not the prettiest person in your class and they taunted you for it to the point you now feel like taking your own life… “WRONG ANSWER!!!”  your life is not your own. It is the Lords, so live for the Lord Jesus.  It’s always darkest before the dawn

She is mean, says bad things about you and never cares how her actions hurt your feelings, yet she’s the only friend you have and so you keep the pain locked up inside and keep your smile on constantly but suffering on the inside… you are a bomb waiting to happen my dear.

There are so many issues we all go through from time to time and we tend to relax on those challenges and tell ourselves its okay to keep it all in. At least no one would get hurt except you. WRONG ANSWER!!! Your life is not your own. One day you would explode or get out of control and spill your guts all over innocent people.

Lets not allow that to happen. We have control over how we feel and how other peoples actions affect us. If you just keep it all in you are accumulating more weight than you should. The only weight you should carry is seen in this scripture: Matt 11:30-  For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

I’m telling you to “LOSE THE WEIGHT”

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HOW? You may ask, well here’s how a young lady lost the weight when she was hurting .

A short story:

It was time for the worship session and as she began to sing, she heard the Holy Spirit say to me “forgive him” she replied “how could I? why would he act like that. It’s not fair and it hurts too much”. All this was happening while everyone was worshiping their Father God and her eyes were closed and filled with warm tears and the Holy Spirit kept telling her to let-it-go. She finally said okay and bowed her head and immediately she felt this flood of emotions running through her, she felt warm inside and she began to cry. She had let it go and let God into her heart and then she felt so much joy within and she began to sing so beautifully. She was free and she loved her friend, had truly forgiven him and let it go.

What I’m saying is this is what we need to do:

  1. Accept Jesus as your Lord and savior: that is give your life to Christ and become a Christian in everything you do.
  2. Take the yoke of Jesus for it is only good and peaceful and fulfilling when we do this.
  3. Engage in diligent Word study: we grow to be like God daily when we study His word constantly, seriously and consistently.
  4. Develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit: make sure you get baptized in the Holy Ghost and also go through water baptism.
  5. Work in the fruit of the Spirit: Gal 5:22-23But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law”.
  6. Think healthy thoughts:
    1. Phil 4:8 “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think on these things.

Start with these few points and I assure you a difference, you will be lighter, enlightened and live a more fulfilled life.

Let-It-Go. The change first of all starts with you.

Love from AlyWrites.




Some would beg to defer, but that is the truth.

A seed may fall to the ground and decay only to bring forth a whole tree of fruit.

The question is; did your death bring life?

We die every day, as we cannot recover the past. Yesterday is dead and gone but did your yesterday bring forth a beautiful today?

Will your today birth a triumphant tomorrow?

Death brings life.

With every dying second comes a minute, hour, day, week, month, year…

What has your past got to say about your present?

Has death given birth to life in your time?

People die and people die and leave legacies

Which one are you?

There is the time to mourn, there is the time to cry but we must remember that death brings life.

The glorious passing of our parents reminds us that we must make hay while the sun shines,

It reminds us to make corrections where they made mistakes

It reminds us to be the seed they desire us to be, impacting lives and changing fates

It reminds us to make every day and every second we spend on this earth alive and breathing;

To enjoy the life we have whilst still making a ground shaking difference.

Death brings life only if we put our hands to the plough

Death brings life only if we do what we ought to at the right time.


 In loving memory of  Prof S.O Otokiti and Pa Lawrence Adebayo Adedoyin





Your curves perfectly gliding down from your chest to your feet

Beautiful is what you are.

Your eyes pure, as they see the beauty that is in me

Your hands are hard as you have washed, stroked, kneaded, carried, turned

and so much more you have done just to keep the smile on my face.

You weren’t my mother but you made me forget my troubles

Now I see being a mother is not only a factor of blood ties

It is a red velvet bond invisible to the naked eyes but its infrared effect I feel everyday

You weren’t my sister but you took me in your arms and showed me the way to go.

You weren’t my grand mom, but now I know what a grand mom would have been like;

The way you would stay me with words so deep, causing wells of water to rise from within

And I would see the errors of my ways. Stern and firm were you always

Until you brought out the gem in my musky, rotten, dirty parts

Now I glow because I had you as a mother, as a friend, as a sister, as a grandmother, as a refiner, as my commander.

You were there for me and so I will be there for her too.

Figure eight to me is not just the encompassing physical figure of a woman but an embodiment of royalty nursed and nurtured in the figure eight of our hearts.

A lady described to have figure eight is one who has curves at the hips, straight legs, a beautiful bosom, and an attractive behind. A woman of this stature is looked upon as a goddess, a true definition of rare beauty and a seal of the perfection of Gods work in man. But this is not enough to jude a perfect woman by. Does that mean if I didn’t have all the above and a beautiful smile to go with it, I wasn’t perfect?

YES!!! Just kidding…

A figure eight to me represents a woman having these qualities

figure eight 2

ROYALTY is the word I would use to describe a figure eight woman and so here we go…

Spirituality: a woman that doesn’t recognize that she is first a spirit being then a physical being will run herself into frustration and exhaustion trying to keep up with the trends of society. A woman must recognize her first duty is to her God. When she understands this she will be able to serve her God, submit to her husband, and train her children, impact the world and make life worth living. Women have the power to make the world paradise if they tap into the wisdom that is in God.

Royalty: a figure eight woman must recognize that she is royalty. Royalty is loyal, does not lie, does not cheat, does not sleep around (she waits till she’s married), royalty is kind, patient and peaceful. Royalty cares for others apart from self. Royalty leads to a place of success and bliss.

She is a virtuous woman.

I will stop here for now and I hope for us to discuss more on this as time goes on and we will look deeply into who a virtuous woman is and how we can portray virtue in all our ways.


My Love Language is “GOD”- Part 1


I’ve searched for a love so deep I could get lost in it and yet feel so safe.

A love that I can relate with, without uttering a sound

A love that know me inside out and condemns me not

But helps me see who I can be and helps me get there

A love that forgives and indeed forgets

A love that would sacrifice everything for me and despise pride

Just to see the smile of satisfaction on my face.

But I should say, I have searched in all the wrong places,

Because I still have not found this love

In all my countless love affairs I have given my all and gotten nothing back but pain

I feel less than I am and look less than I should

Yet the frustration remains. Never having enough of what I truly desire

The groan of satisfaction, that feeling of never ending bliss I find it not.

I have searched in all the wrong places

Even in my marriage he does not understand what I need.

If he can’t, then who can?

I have searched in all the wrong places and in the wrong people.

I remember when I was much younger, before I had Betty, Linda and Su.

As I was walked down the street with my friends Brenda and Merda,

A lady walked towards us and told us there was a love out of this world that no one could give

And this love was the love of the one that created the whole world.

She told us we would be happy and fulfilled if we came to know this infinite God

I couldn’t fathom that there could be a love deeper than the one my parents had.

How he loved my mother so…

and the love portrayed on TV screens,

The fairy tale fantasies…

Oh, how the prince loved Cinderella

Oh, how Beauty loved the Beast.

That was a love I wanted.

One that would love me for me, unconditionally

In all my inefficiencies

But that was all they were fantasies and now seeing where I stand

There is truly no one that could give me the kind of love I truly desired.

What I desired was not found in people and so I searched for this infinite God

I searched and I found him or rather He found me,

Drowned me in His love and now I’m swimming in bliss without end.


The youth today often make the silliest to the most dreadful mistakes when it comes to dating and marriage. How do I know this? Well apart from having at least one in 10 couples in our neighborhood or community being divorced or going through some kinda crisis in the home, its all over the internet and in movies today. They make divorce and cheating look like something in the norm, which is WRONG. There is no real respect for the dating/ courtship relationship anymore and that needs to changeI’m not going to talk about marriage or anything like that per say (not really in the place to ’cause I’m not married…yet. LOL). What I’m really going to focus on today is the most important relationship ever!!!

The relationship we have with God is the most important because to be honest there are so many things your girlfriend or your boyfriend or your parents or even your spouse cannot give you. In the truth of this we could get frustrated with the fact that we aren’t getting exactly what we want from our partners and the thing is, its not their fault.They are human beings like you and are limited in what they can give to you. This is because there is a space in our hearts that cannot be occupied by anyone else apart from God (it’s a God shaped space –only-). Once we try to fill that void with people we just plunge head first into disappointment and frustration.

Here are a few thoughts on what Love is from @oruare and @lajuiren (Instagram handles)

“I’m an unapologetic, cheesy, sold-out lover! I enjoy the purest, truest, deepest, and never-ending kind of love. I make boast to say the love I share with the one I love isn’t shared by any another. He loves a lot of people too but He loves me not just perfectly, but uniquely. He loves me in a way only Him can love and only I can receive. I am not scared to show them. I love Him, but what blows my mind even more is that He loves me too, He even loved me first! My lover wants to be your lover too, He’s still asking for your heart. Don’t worry I’m happy to share this one”.  – @oruare

In a short session I had with the lovely energetic Mrs Laju Iren, I asked her a few questions and these are the nuggets she decided to share with us below.



“ I remember the wooden cross, blood stained for my sake and I realize that love is sacrifice. God gave us His son and He died for us. When we understand that love is a sacrifice then we know that every romantic relationship should mirror the union between Christ and the church. We should take it more seriously.

Love is beyond feelings. I think your emotions and feelings should go in the direction of love not the other way round. Love is patient, kind, is not arrogant or self seeking (1 Cor 13: 1-14). The bible definition of Love is GOD“.


“Love is everything I just said above and it is also the fact that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us and that’s the kind of love we should share with the world. However I will mention this, if you are in a dating relationship, I wouldn’t really advise that you push for unconditional love because, I believe marriage is a time to love blindly and courtship is a time to love intelligently; because sometimes you may be dating someone who is beating you or cheating on you and the you say ‘oh! The love of God, forgiveness of God’. That’s not the love of God, that is scary. If you are in a dating/ courtshing relationship then you need to date with your eyes open”.


“I think it is understanding, because many people think a relationship with God is about what they can do. Yes we have our own responsibilities to play but it is God “that works in us to will and to do of His good Pleasure”-(Phil 2 :13). We need to have a good understanding that we are the finished work of Christ and that happens when 1. We go to a good church that is Christ centered”.

Answer these questions

  • What is your Church’s approach to the preaching of Jesus Christ?
  • What is your pastor’s understanding of the word of God?

It is beyond “I will study the Bible for myself”. Ephesians 4(verses: 11-12) makes it very clear that we need ministry gifts, pastors and prophets says…. So we need a pastor over your life and of course prayer and study of the word. But if you have a good pastor and a good church and you apply what you are being taught.

When you understand:

  • It is God that works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure
  • Gods works are not a pre-requisite but as fruit of salvation
  • When you have a structure that enables you pray and pray rightly. Not just praying because you are asking for things but praying to develop your relationship with God.
  • When you have a structure that teaches you the word and teaches you to evangelize.

I think that’s a major game changer. So understanding is very important because the devil tries to fight your understanding of the Word: sometimes people have gone to church 10 years and they still cant understand the basics of their faith but they know how God want to make them rich but the riches and our inheritance in Christ is much more. Christ himself is our inheritance”. – @lajuiren

With all this being said, should I be honest with you? The main problem we have as human beings is we do not like to leave our comfort zone. If I am lying please tell me.

Getting too comfortable with where you are will be the death of your progress in life. Move out of your comfort zone.



“Hey girl” said Lara as she burst into Aiayana’s room with a huge smile on her face. “So who was that handsome young man that dropped you off, hmmm? You better tell me, do you like him, is the ice queen finally melting” she said as she herself metled her way into her sisters bed.
Aiyana was unenthusiastic about the whole thing, infact she felt more undone at the thought of what was going on within her head. In truth she was fearful of what may come out of it. “He’s just a colleague from work; the Mr. Bayo I’m working with directly on the project for the new location for Bryan Consult”. “When someone says just, its never just”. Lara said with a cheeky smile. “Do you like him? You have to tell me, you aren’t getting any younger you know”. “and did I tell you I was looking to get married? I’m fine just the way I am Lara, I don’t need some man to tell me what to do or how to live my life to be happy” said Aiyana with a sad look that her sister could recognize. She was lying and her sister knew it, with empathy and a smile she took Aiyana’s hand. “Baby girl, I know what you’re feeling and this isn’t the first time I’m seeing this look on your face. You can’t keep the doors shut forever. You have to let go of the pain. It’s affected you all your life. Your relationships with people have been stretched thin. You need to let go and finally let God in”. Aiyana was shocked at all her sister had said, she thought she was a pro at concealing her feelings, but not as good as she thought, as Lara had just shown her she was really her twin but yet… “let God in? Where was he when he left our parents to die, living us all alone. They were good people Lara and they didn’t deserve to die that way, no! Not leaving their only children alone…”
“Stop it Aiyana, I lost them too, they didn’t leave us all alone and God certainly didn’t take our parents. You blame Him like you are the only one who’s lost parents before. This isn’t healthy for you or me. I’ve had all this in my heart to tell you but I haven’t because we haven’t been together long enough for us to talk about this. You are my sister and I love you but I have to tell you the truth. You have to stop this. This is enough. You don’t know how my heart bleeds for you, I pray for you to let go, live free, fall in love, have fun. You have to change Aiyana, you need to change. This…this behavior will get the best of you. I just want my sister back”.
Aiyana was lost for words and was filled with tears in her heart by the agonizing display her sister had demonstrated at how frustrated she was. Aiyana had no idea her sister felt this way or how much her actions had affected her, or how much Lara had seen through her façade. The charade was over and it was time for everyone to go home, but Aiyana was adamant. It was more like she was afraid to change. She didn’t want to get hurt like she did in Australia, but she knew she had to heal, deep down inside she knew letting go was the answer. This had nothing to do with Bayo or her sister or even her parents. It was all about the little girl that got hurt and lost her way in the dark and refused to turn on the flash light. She was lost, her sister had called out to her and now all she needed to do was turn on the lights.
Lara just sat there staring at her sister shocked at her silence. Aiyana’s head was bowed and it was just as if she was about to cry, she was done, she wasn’t about this mummified life anymore and she wanted to be free and for the first time since their parents died, Aiyana began to cry and sob profusely. Lara as shocked as snow in autumn, with eyes wide open and arms stretched out she took her sister into her arms and she just sat there, rubbing her still mourning sister on the back, with no words to say. Then she shot her eyes and began to sing a song her mother would sing when she was hurt by anything “…even when it hurts like hell, I’ll praise you… even when it’s hard to find the words, louder then I’ll sing your praise… I will always sing your praise”. As she sang that song it all began to make sense to Aiyana and she felt as though her mother were there telling her to let go and that it was all going to be fine. She cried for a long time and her sister just held her in her arms as she sobbed, with her eyes closed, Lara wanted to connect with the pain her sister felt. She couldn’t say she understood what she was going through; though they were affected by the same experience they were affected differently and Aiyana suffered the blow harder.
“You don’t have to take care of me sweetie, I’m fine. Nothing is going to happen to me I promise, I’m not going anywhere okay, but you have to come out of this fear and lie of a life you’ve let the devil talk you into. I want my fun loving sister back, please come back to me. Yes you may get hurt sometimes; it’s a risk and a chance we have to take in getting what we really want. The pain will only make us stronger when we overcome the pain, not run from it. You need to let go”. These words took their wobbly steps out of Lara’s mouth as she also sobbed and there they were crying and having a release. It wasn’t all bad to cry. This time around crying was good.
It was hours into the night and the ladies had cried themselves to sleep. Aiyana was awaken by the noise in the kitchen and she was curious. They hadn’t locked up the house before sleeping. Putting her slippers on, she stood up quietly not waking her sister. Her heart was beating as she expected the worst and so she grabbed an extra iron rod close to her closet and tiptoed through the passage and into the kitchen. To her surprise it wasn’t a thief, it was a hungry rabbit that had wondered in through the back door. Chasing it out, she locked the door and secured all locks and panes in the house. Heading back to the kitchen she pulled out a chair at the dining. She was happy, relieved even. Crying did make her feel better and now all she wanted was to take risks not until after she had made things right with God.
“Lord, thank you for everything, I see you’ve been merciful to me, forgiving me, having faith in me that I would come back to you. I believe what Pastor Leke said. I am responsible for my happiness. Help me Lord and give me the grace to live a happy life. I promise I won’t waste it, I promise I will make the best out of this new life you’ve given me. Amen”. For the first time in years, she prayed a sincere prayer and this lifted her spirit.
She was going to be taking new steps now and making new decisions and even taking risks, but she wasn’t alone. She had her sister with her and she had God. She would be fine. One day at a time.




There they were, seated at the terrace of a very luxurious restaurant in Lekki. Aiyana couldn’t but think this was something more than a casual lunch between colleagues. “Well this is rather a fancy place for just a lunch” she said with a smile. “Well I like to eat fancy”. he said sarcastically with a smile “on a serious note now, our company helped them close a deal a while back and I was their main negotiator so I come here to eat sometimes at a partner’s discount. I just thought a lady of your class should be treated to a nice enough lunch”. “Well that’s very thoughtful of you Mr. Bayo”… “Oh, please just call me Jude”. “Jude? You don’t look like a Jude to me”. She said with a soft laugh. “What’s wrong with the name Jude? I like it anyway”.

“You just don’t look like a Jude, I mean you are the first Yoruba man I’m meeting who has an English name as his first and to make it interesting… Jude. Who hated you so much” Aiyana said hardly able to hold the laughter in and “Jude” was so surprised at the way she reacted to his name. “If you really must know, my mom, she hated me that much, being that she’s an Igbo, catholic woman. She personally loved the name and that was the name of her favorite uncle so she named me after him. I’ve never seen you laugh at anything so hard Aiyana, in fact when I invited you for lunch I was asking myself what I had just signed up for, I didn’t know what to expect. It’s nice to know we can have a cool conversation with no tension” he said with a teasing smile as he looked away from his plate briefly to give more effect to his statement. Aiyana just smiled at him, taking a fork of her stir-fried sauce and rice to her mouth. “This place is lovely I should bring my sister here sometime. She would love it”. “You have a sister?” “Yes I do and she is in fact my identical twin sister, but don’t worry, although we look very much alike our personalities are broadly different. So no mix ups”.
Lunch was over and Aiyana was all set to head home.
Aiyana was lost in thought as she couldn’t place it to why she was starting to feel deeply about Mr.Bayo and for the first time, she was tired of fighting. Was it because she saw Lara have so much fun with Alex? Was it because she saw her so happy and wanted to have that too? Aiyana was confused and unable to decide what she would do next.


Do Gra Gra everyday. Nice piece to.

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Hay! Welcome to another year! Whoop! Well-done enh, you have joined New Year resolution gang, fit fam gang, no carbonated drinks gang, prayer and fasting gang, men are scum gang, waste his time gang, develop myself gang, seize the bae gang. Clap for yourself, GANG-STAR!

Will I talk about New Year resolution in this article? Before nko? Just leave me to be cliché and have peace abeg! Tenz 🙂

So, Gra-gra is defined as an initial ginger to do something! In my first semesters in school, I was like Christmas Souvenir, I was a Banger. I was constantly playing on F Major and in some courses, I transposed to D Minor. However, whichever paper I wrote first in a semester was usually an A Flat! How I graduated with my colleagues is still like film trick!

Something amazing always happened close to exams. I went to a Christian school where…

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Lara was ecstatic about her sister’s new contract and they decided on a night out at a cafe close to their home. Aiyana wasn’t able to manage with loud crowds and unnecessary chatter as she would call it. She just loved her privacy and a space to think and relax.
“We would have two Frappuccino’s please”. Aiyana ordered for her sister and herself as they chatted about the new guy Lara was with. Aiyana wasn’t one for the boys. The thrill that came with dating someone and having that excited but delightsome feeling that came with the whole affair was just something she considered rather stressful and not worth it; but if her sister was happy, who was she to judge. As long as she didn’t get hurt she was fine with it.
“He is just such a beautiful heart. I mean sometimes I ask myself if he’s real, you know? He’s just so special Aiyana and he always looks for how to make things better between us. His drive and passion for excellence… don’t get me started. I’m just so happy we bumped into each other in anatomy class four years ago”. Alex was the son of Lara’s anatomy professor and had just returned from a trip to Dubai and was staying with his father for the while he was in Ibadan. He was a fashion designer and had made clothes for many celebrities and his brand was getting more recognition with each stitch he made. You could say he was the golden thumb of all things clothes. This alone was not what captured little Lara’s heart then, it was his passion and love for anything and everything God. It made her want to know more and be more and she was so happy he was in her life. Aiyana was confused with how someone could love someone so much and stick with them for so long and then she remembered her parents. Her father had met her mother while he was on one of his business trips with the company he worked with then and she was in her final year and they dated for three years before they finally got married. She was happy for her sister but she didn’t think she had it in her to love another.
“It was nice coming out. I haven’t done that in a while”. Aiyana said as she stepped out of the cafe. “You clearly need to get out more if you think this was nice” Lara said as she shoved Aiyana. They both smiled as they got into an Uber car on their way home.


Aiyana and Mr. Bayo had worked on the site for weeks and she had developed feelings for him. This was painful for her because she wasn’t ready for the primitive war that had taken to her heart as she wasn’t equipped enough to fight this battle and so she was losing. How would she get through this now? “Lara could help” she thought.
“Aiyana, would you like to have lunch with me when we’re done from here?” Bayo said with an almost desperate looking smile. This was the first time they would sit and eat together and even have a conversation outside the work they were doing, he was nervous and hoped it wouldn’t make things awkward. Aiyana was drawn out of her thoughts by the question, “Yes please, that would be nice” she said, holding all her excitement in her belly. She was going to finally have a conversation with Mr. Bayo, the first conversation thqt wouldn’t be totally about the type of tiles that would look better in the waiting rooms or in the conference rooms.